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Know your renting rights

The regulations around private renting are changing from 1 April 2024. Tenants are still protected by the law. 

It's important to know what support and advice is available to you.

Learn more about your rights as a tenant.

Scottish rural home with super-imposed message: all tenants have rights that are set in stone

Rent increases

From 1 April 2024, the temporary cap on rent increases during tenancies no longer applies. 

Landlords must still give their tenants the correct amount of notice before a rent increase.

They can only increase rents once every 12 months.

Rent adjudication process

To support tenants following the rent cap ending the rent adjudication process has changed for one year. Rent adjudication is a way for tenants to ask for a review of a proposed rent increase.

This is to help make sure that people do not face very sudden rises that could apply if rents return to open market rates in one step. 

Learn more about rent increases and asking for a review.

Rent increase calculator

 The rent increase calculator can help you see how the new rules and any potential rent rise could apply to you.

To understand what your rent might be set at if you make a rent adjudication application, enter your:

  • current rent
  • proposed new rent
  • current market rent

Access the rent increase calculator on

Eviction rights

From 1 April 2024, the temporary emergency protections have stopped. You still have strong protections and a landlord cannot ask you to leave your rented property without notice.

Landlords must go through the legal process to end a tenancy. Illegal eviction is a criminal offence and can take different forms. 

Get housing advice from your local council.

Glaswegian tenement block with super-imposed message: you can't be asked to move out of your home without notice

Check before you rent

Landlords and letting agents must be registered to let out property to comply with the law.

Only use a registered landlord and letting agent and report any that are not.

Check if your landlord is registered.

Check if your agent is registered.

New build house with super-imposed message: your home must be maintained and repaired by your landlord

Repairs and maintenance

It is the landlord’s responsibility to repair and maintain their property from the tenancy start date and throughout the tenancy. Landlords must also give you prior notice before any maintenance or property inspections. They’re not allowed to enter the property unannounced.

Learn more about repairs and maintenance.

Cost of living support Scotland graphic.

Cost of Living Support Scotland

The Cost of Living Support website has information on the help and resources available to the people of Scotland during the cost of living crisis.

Find out more on Cost of Living Support Scotland.

Rights that are set in stone

Watch this short video for more information on your renting rights.


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Citizens Advice Bureau

Contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau for free, impartial and confidential advice and guidance on issues relating to housing matters.

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Shelter Scotland

Speak to Shelter Scotland for housing advice. logo

Visit for information on renting from a private landlord, housing association or local council.

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